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At the entry to Downtown Doral, John Henry's Despedida/Bienvenido public sculpture.


At the entry to Downtown Doral, John Henry’s Despedida/Bienvenido public sculpture stands at either side of the square to create a gateway and landmark entry point for the community.

Being as respectful as possible with the original sculpture and keeping its original form factor, we are bringing the sculpture to life through dynamic lighting. A procedural layer of ever-changing patterns create a dialogue between form and light, while making the sculpture reactive to clock, calendar, astronomic events and weather.

Artist Bio

Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio.

A hybrid team of engineers, musicians and designers who work with homemade technologies, breathing life into original light and sound instruments. This digital luthierism has led them to apply their creativity to immersive installations, scenography or projection mapping, in a journey outside the square boundaries of traditional screens.

Their deep interest in the relationships between visual and auditory phenomena leads Playmodes to create projects where sound and image are treated as a single matter. In most of their projects, the same streams of data generate both audio and visuals through homemade software, driving the audience into strong synaesthetic perceptions.

Passionate about art, design, maths, physics, code, cymatics and nature, they share all these passions by giving lectures and workshops in universities, schools or institutions. Being part of a global network of creative coders and artists, they collaborate with people from around the world to deliver innovative projects.

In recent years Playmodes has developed projects for art festivals (Barcelona, Houston, Prague, Lyon, Las Vegas, Orlando, Karlsruhe), for cultural and commercial commissions (light scenography for the Copenhagen Opera, Installation for Facebook at Rio Olympics…) or as guest speakers at international design conferences (FITC Amsterdam, IALD Albuquerque, OFFF Barcelona). They’ve also been awarded international distinctions in the field of New Media (Ars Electronica Prix, LAUS, VisualMusic Awards)”

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