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Lightweave 2

Lightweave is an interactive artwork that weaves together structure, color, light, and sound.


Designed by Softlab, Lightweave is a pair of archways framing the main pedestrian thoroughfare of Downtown Doral known as the “Paseo.” The stainless-steel structures come together as an interactive processional corridor accented by light and sound technology that is constantly changing in playful ways as pedestrians walk down the Paseo. The installation also reacts to environmental sounds. Anchored by tension cables, each of these tensioned tubes are finished in different colors, giving the length of the archways a vibrant spectrum. Each Lightweave structure is 130-feet long, 12-feet wide, and 17-feet tall at its highest point.

Artist Bio

SOFTlab is a studio based in New York City. The studio combines a research-based design practice with an interest in how technology, craft, and materials come together in ways that explore the boundaries between architecture, other disciplines, and the public.

By examining local conditions, the studio creates interventions that become an extension of something existing on site that might not be readily apparent. SOFTlab’s work acts as a translation of these often-dynamic phenomena on the site. In that way, their work forms an experiential contextualism, rather than a literal one. This allows for projects which are unexpected yet become appropriate as they unfold. The studio blurs the lines between design and production through our interest in both vernacular and advanced digital craft. Each project is open ended through the ability to elicit excitement in visitors and the public, fostering the creation of their own interpretations. In that way the public become observer, participant, and author as they are contributing their own impressions and experiences of the place.

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