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Life Breath

This project celebrates the cycle of life. Out of emptiness and darkness, organic flows of light are born.


The balance between living and lifeless, light and shadow, and organic and mineral is constantly being questioned without any one of them taking over.

It is an eternal restart, offering the spectators an organic choreography without a beginning or end.

Artist Bio

Born from a scientific background, Yann Nguema finally turned to the world of artistic creation. As a musician, he founded the group EZ3kiel in 1992 for which he developed the entirety of a rich visual production that has become a reference and a trademark. He focuses his work mainly on performing arts with a constant emphasis on an image-music association. Very quickly he integrated computer technology into his creative process by developing his own software and thus adding a completely interactive dimension to his productions. As a designer of exhibitions, scenography and interactive installations, he has designed numerous projects combining technology, research, and poetry. Yann is currently an ambassador artist for the Lyon Festival of Lights.

Address & Map

Life Breath

8401 Northwest 53rd Terrace

Miami, Florida 33166

Dates & Times

Multiple dates available for this event