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Downtown Doral Beacon

Designed to capture the spirit and essence of the vibrant Downtown Doral community...


Designed to capture the spirit and essence of the vibrant Downtown Doral community, the Downtown Doral Beacon was created using a blend of four artistic elements. The first element, steel, symbolizes the strength and endurance of the people and businesses that call this unique place “home.” The second element, light, shines as a beacon, changing colors throughout the year to highlight the diverse nature of Downtown Doral—a place where the ideas collected across generations have culminated into South Florida’s most forward-thinking community. Third, through the element of reflection, spectators can see themselves as part of the structure that holds the community together. Lastly, the sculpture’s shape captures the form of the Downtown Doral brand, and boldly declares to all that they have officially arrived at this urban oasis.

Artist Bio

For more than 30 years as a lighting artist, Duilio Passariello began his career creating mirror chambers. A combination of scientific and artistic interests shaped his mind; while investigating the diffraction pattern of a butterfly wing scale under a scanning microscope, he fell in love with light at 22 years old.

He has focused his work on lighting as a primary medium in architecture, urban environments, landscapes, and sculpture. When creating sculptures, he uses natural and artificial lighting to transform the perception of his objects, preferring mirror-polished stainless steel, transparent acrylic, or water as his medium.

Address & Map

Downtown Doral Beacon

5241 NW 87th Ave

Doral, FL 33178

Dates & Times

Multiple dates available for this event