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Balance illustrates in an interactive, immersive micro-environment, how the balance of sun and rain affects vegetation.


Designed by Maxin10sity, Balance demonstrates how we as humans have the ability to impact nature. The piece invites pedestrians to spontaneously interact with the artwork as it simulates an immersive micro-environment and how the balance of sun and rain affects vegetation. The participants movements, they possess the power of the sun and precipitation to choreograph the rhythms and cycles of the natural world and experience its effects.

Artist Bio


Tamás Vaspöri

After starting his career in the AV industry, Tamás Vaspöri became an Eastern-European business development manager for a professional projector manufacturer where he was responsible for 16 different countries and learned the basics of an international business life and also projection technology.

A little over 7 years ago, he met András Sass and László Czigány and together they established Maxin10sity, the projection mapping company, where Tamás is the Managing Director and responsible for sales and management. In addition to projection mapping shows with Maxin10sity, he also works on light festivals with the team and is co-producer of Borealis, in Seattle with the organizing team of iMapp Bucharest. Tamas was recently nominated for an Emmy Award as the producer of the Virtual New Year’s Eve Show made in Seattle.

András Sass

András Sass started his career with 3D Broadcast animation, becoming a 3D Animator at different companies where he undertook the task of producing video content to match the company image, until he achieved the Lead Artist position where he direct short movies himself. Thus he has always been dealing with both creating and designing 3D animations.

He accidentally got into the genre of projection mapping, and he immediately fell for it because it requires a completely different thinking. With mapping he said he had found a new field, with a lot of untapped areas and has directed several pieces.

Then, together with Tamás Vaspöri and László Czigány he established Maxin10sity where he is the Creative Director and directs all the big shows, such as KA 300 Fragments, spectacular shows in Karlsruhe by Maxin10sity, the Timeless Tales in Binghamton, NY for the LUMA Projection Arts Festival, and the Parallel Universes for Art Vision Contest. He was also the co-director of Audi Late Light show and iMapp 555, as well as the 3D animation director of VIVID Grand Show in Berlin.

László Czigány

In the field for over 10 years, László Czigány is a true expert of projection mapping. He has been awarded several gold medals for international mapping contests in France, Germany, and Russia. He participated in diverse mapping projects as Art Director and 3D Artist: car, stage, building mapping, and also dance with mapping. Since 2014 he is a co-founder and Art Director of Maxin10sity Ltd.

Address & Map


8400 Northwest 53rd Street

Suite f-101, Miami, FL 33166

Dates & Times

Multiple dates available for this event