About Us OLD

LUX DORAL is a series of dynamic visual artworks created by an international roster of celebrated artists and design studios, commissioned specifically for Downtown Doral by Codina Partners.

“Balance”– between work and play, family and community, built spaces and green space, diversity of language and culture, and mind, body and spirit–is the theme that guides creation of all artworks, reflecting the values of Downtown Doral.

The use of lighting is a key design element – “lux” is a measure of the intensity of light and means “light” in Latin – and creates an entirely different look, feel and experience of the artworks during the daytime and nighttime.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) built into a number of the artworks, and projection of light into free space and onto a variety of surfaces transforms both physical spaces and the Doral cityscape at night, enabling a “festival of light” along the residential thoroughfare of the Paseo, the vibrant shopping and dining corridors of Main Street and NW 87th Street, and within the verdant expanse of Downtown Doral Park.  ​

Residents, tenants and visitors are welcomed to engage in contemplation, exercise, and family enjoyment of these artworks, and take a journey through the diverse array of attractions and experiences that Downtown Doral has to offer.